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Welcome to my website. The last stop before the end of the web.

What you read may not make much sense but at least I’m not trying to sell you stuff.


Here is lovely ad for a fantastic initiative – scored with my music.


Project timeline

Apr 2015

Series I have recently scored (or about to finish) coming soon to BBC one, BBC two, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5: The Met, Great Ormond Street series 3, Joanna Lumley Trans-Siberian Adventure, The Ice Rink, Junk Food Kids, The Prosecutors, First Dates series 3 and Britain Biggest Primary School.

Nov 2014

writing 5 tracks for 2 production music albums for Universal and the music for a Ch4 documentary about narcolepsy

Aug 2013

About to start scoring a 4 part series for Channel 4 about West End musicals plus a 1 hour documentary for ITV.

Jun 2013

Starting work on 14 hours of TV – 2 BBC two series, a 1 hour BBC one documentary plus a 7 part for Ch4. Sleep postponed until Winter.

May 2013

  • My soundtrack for ‘Shakespeare & Us’ got nominated for Best Documentary Score at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards.
  • ‘The Murder Workers’ has been selected for the Sheffield Doc Fest
  • The TV series ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital’, for which I wrote the music last year, got nominated for a BAFTA.