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First Dates won a BAFTA for Best Factual series last Sunday.


The kickstarter campaign for my Periodic Table of Musical Instruments, in support of Mind UK was a success. A big Thank you to all the backers. x

Delighted to announce that my soundtrack for this ITV series has been released by Movie Score Media.


Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure

The whole score is effortlessly charming, with real warmth, and an engaging personality that mirrors Lumley’s own. The instrumental textures d’Oliveira employs are consistently interesting, blending together in a series of excellent combinations, and the scope of the score perfectly encapsulates the heart of the project.
Jon Broxton, Movie Music UK

“lovingly crafted and perfectly realised little jewel; I only wish it were longer
album review by Michael Beek

“Instead of making me try to associate it with the TV show, Miguel d’Oliveira’s creation stirs my imagination and lets it fly freely.
This is what good film music is all about.”

“It is playful from start to finish and the orchestration is light and really fun to listen to.
This music takes me on a journey to places I have never been. It feels magical and beautiful.”

“From bold, bright and dynamic to more nuanced lyrical, melancholic and even slightly sarcastic themes. All written with a lot of class.”
Mundo BSO

“Trans-Siberian Adventure is a charming, uniformly lovely score whose only drawback is that there isn’t more of it.”    ****

“The composer put together a quirky ensemble and stuck with it. It’s incredibly pleasant on the ear.
It has some beautiful and magical moments.”

“Delightfully wonderful.
This is a great effort from Miguel d’Oliveira who showcases some rather impressive writing”
Film Music Media



Project timeline

Apr 2016

Writing new music for the next series of First Dates, an album of film trailer music, scoring a 3 part series for ITV about Japan and a 2 part documentary for BBC one.

Apr 2015

Series I have recently scored (or about to finish) coming soon to BBC one, BBC two, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5: The Met, Great Ormond Street series 3, Joanna Lumley Trans-Siberian Adventure, The Ice Rink, Junk Food Kids, The Prosecutors, First Dates series 3 and Britain Biggest Primary School.

Nov 2014

writing 5 tracks for 2 production music albums for Universal and the music for a Ch4 documentary about narcolepsy

Aug 2013

About to start scoring a 4 part series for Channel 4 about West End musicals plus a 1 hour documentary for ITV.

Jun 2013

Starting work on 14 hours of TV – 2 BBC two series, a 1 hour BBC one documentary plus a 7 part for Ch4. Sleep postponed until Winter.