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Series I have recently scored (or about to finish)
coming soon to BBC one, BBC two, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5:
The Met, Great Ormond Street series 3, Joanna Lumley Trans-Siberian Adventure, The Ice Rink, Junk Food Kids, First Dates series 3, Kids Who Can't Stay Awake, and Britain Biggest Primary School.

Wishing you all an amazing Xmas and a tremendous 2015

Here is lovely ad for a fantastic initiative - scored with my music

                                                             Gandy's flip flops / Microsoft UK


a 1 hour documentary (Rape: The Unspeakable Crime) I wrote the music for, has been nominated for 2 BAFTAs and an RTS award


Wishing you all a Beautiful Christmas and a fantastic 2014


August - About to start scoring a 4 part series for Channel 4 about West End musicals plus a 1 hour documentary for ITV.

May / June - Starting work on 14 hours of TV - 2 BBC two series, a 1 hour BBC one documentary plus a 7 part for Ch4.
                      Sleep postponed until Winter.

May 2013 - My soundtrack for Shakespeare & Us got nominated for Best Documentary Score at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards

        - The Murder Workers has been selected for the Sheffield Doc Fest

April -  The TV series Great Ormond Street Hospital, for which I wrote the music last year, got nominated for a BAFTA

April -  scoring a series of TV commercials for the Iglo advertising campaign in Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium.

February - My score for Shakespeare & Us got nominated for Best Original Score for a Feature Documentary by the IFMCA and by Movie Music UK


January - The 90 minute month. Finishing Murder Workers, a 90 min documentary for ch4, half-way through Our Queen, a 90 min for ITV and about to start on another 90 min for BBC one.

My Homefront score got a few nice reviews by Steven Kennedy, David Doncel and Michael Beek at FSM,
BSO Spirit and BeekBlog respectively. Plus it made it to the Best Of 2012 on Tim Burden's feature at Film Score Monthly.

January - One of my tracks, A Strangely Familiar Train Station,
will feature
on the amazing BBC radio 3 programme Late Junction on the 3rd of January

Shakespeare & Us and Homefront soundtracks gets 4 stars reviews from Mundo BSO

October - I have a new library album out, on the Universal label

Hostile Landscapes creates an atmospheric base for storytelling. It creates a beautiful, yet undeniably dark feel on a wasteland of soundscapes, each with its own individual sound. Joining and separating the environment and humankind across Hostile Landscapes, Human Destruction and Forces of Nature.

Shimmering landscapes and aggressive scenes are fashioned through eerie notes, exotic and experimental instrumentation and of course, exemplary production work. The twisted, pulsating underscores take you to worlds that don’t even exist yet and create an emotion which draws together that of fear, wonder and awe.

If you are looking for the type of production music that will compliment epic shots and first-class narratives then look no further.
October 2012 - finishing the last episode of ITV drama Homefront, the score for a brilliant Ch4 documentary about the US election and the score for a BBC 2 hour epic documentary about International Aid.
Also about to start on a new Cutting Edge Ch4 documentary and soon on another for BBC one.


one of my recent tracks being played by the London Metropolitan Orchestra
in a scoring session @ Angel studios

Short video of my latest recording session, for ITV drama series Homefront,
Angel Studios - London


July - new library album with my score, from a 3 part BBC series, released by Universal

"composer Miguel d'oliveira masterfully creates a world of new discoveries"

June - started scoring Homefront, a 6 part primetime drama for ITV,
produced by Kim Crowther and

directed by Terry McDonough, Ian Bevitt and Morag Fullarton


    an epic 2hour feature length documentary for BBC about International Aid
    a Cutting Edge documentary for Channel 4 about Ian Brady and
    another 1 hour documentary for Channel 4 about the US election.

universal Some of my music from a couple of BBC series I have scored is now available on the Universal label

October - started scoring another 4 part series for BBC and have closed shop again, since I am now writing music for 3 BBC series.

September - How Much For My Brother? - a short film, directed by Joe Tucker, I wrote the music for has been selected by the London Film Festival

September - now scoring a 2 part about Shakespeare, presented by Simon Schama, for BBC 1 and 6 part for BBC 2 about Great Ormond Street Hospital

July - my music for The Battle of Britain won
Jerry Goldsmith award for Best Documentary Score

Jerry Goldsmith award

July - accepted one more and am now scoring a documentary about the Ground Zero mosque (Frontline / Channel 4), directed by Dan Reed.

May - I am now booked flat out until January 2012 and can't accept any new comissions. Sorry.
May - have been asked to score a 2 hour documentary for BBC 1 about the war in Afghanistan + another 2 hour for BBC 2 on Shakespeare presented by Simon Shama + a 6 part series for BBC 2

May - have been made a full voting member of BAFTA

April - scoring 2 documentaries for Ch4, writing the music for a TV commercial and some library tracks. Thank God for coffee!

March - my music for The Battle of Britain won Best feature documentary Soundtrack at Movie Music UK

    "Young Portuguese composer Miguel d’Oliveira impressed greatly in the documentary category with his score for BATTLE OF BRITAIN, a BBC documentary which looked at the famous World Ward II air conflict with new perspective; d’Oliveira’s music channelled the best of Ron Goodwin-style British heroism and pomp-and-circumstance, but distilled it through modern techniques to great effect"         Jon Broxton, Movie Music UK 2011

February - my music for The Battle of Britain got nominated for                  
                  Best feature documentary score by the IFMCA

February - interview on Soundtrack with John Mansell

February - started work on a Channel 4' Cutting Edge documentary for Blakeway Productions.

January 2011 - Music journalist Tim Burden, from Film Score Monthly, names The Battle of Britain score as one of the 10 Best Scores of 2010
January 2011 - Brandnew Films re-releases The Toybox soundtrack

December 20th - I have now closed shop for the year and I wish you all
                    a very Happy Christmas and a great 2011

November 2010 - accepted a new commission to score a 1 hour BBC programme about the King James Bible (BBC productions - Manchester), presented by Melvyn Bragg 

November 2010 - I have been asked to score another Cutting Edge documentary for channel 4, shooting early next year. 

I have been invited to conduct a series of workshops about music technology at the Horniman Museum in London, probably starting early January 2011.

September 2010 - I have accepted a new comission to score a BBC documentary about Icelandic sagas. Looking forward to this one.

September 2010 - some of my music is being used on a couple of videos (Two's a pair) that are being screened at the V&A this Friday the 23rd (part of the London Design Festival)

August 2010 - accepted a new comission - 2 episode documentary for BBC 2 about children in care (BBC productions - Scotland), with Neil Morrissey

August 2010 - Have started work on a Nom yogurt TV advert (Ogilvy) and 4 episodes of The Gates of Latin America (Wall to Wall)

August 2010 - Stopped this nonsense of writing in the third person

July 2010 - started scoring The Battle of Britain (Lion Television), with Ewan McGregor, for BBC 1

July 2010 - Miguel has been commissioned to write the score for a 4 part mini-series The Gates of Latin America for PBS.

July 2010 - scoring How Much For My Brother?, a dark comedy directed by Joe Tucker (JokeDisco Films / Film London)

June 2010 - started a new score for the Channel 4 documentary, Interview With an Incubator

April 2010 - still working on America: The Story of Us and starting a new score for a Channel 4 Cutting Edge doc about the elections

March 2010 - wrapping the Cutting Edge score and starting a 2 episode score for the series America The Story Of US (History Channel)

January 2010 - starting work on a 1 hour Cutting Edge documentary for Channel 4, The Air Hospital,  about the C-CAST Globemaster missions in Afghanistan

November 09 - scoring 7 part series The Bible: a history for Channel 4, writing additional music for the second BBC series of Merlin, scoring 3 part BBC documentary about the Great Ormond Street Hospital and also working on The Living Artist for ABC Australia

August 09 - As final proof that no one reads this website anyway, Miguel has just been asked to score a 7 part series for Channel 4 about the history of the Bible and a documentary for ABC network

June 09 - Miguel has been asked to score a 3 part documentary for BBC 2
                 and has now closed shop to new commissions until further notice

May 09  - Miguel started scoring a 1 hour documentary about the world oldest mums for Channel 4

April 09 - Miguel started scoring 5 part docu drama The Queen for Channel 4

March 09 - Victorian Sex Explorer wins Royal Television Society award for Best history documentary  

March 09 - Miguel started scoring a 2 hour documentary about
Byron for Channel 4

January 2009 - Miguel has also started work on a new 2 part documentary for PBS NOVA (US).
The Making Of a Doctor
, is an incredible 2 hour journey that follows the lives of 7 doctors, from the day
they got into Harvard Medical School in 1987 untill the present day.

October 08 - Miguel is scoring a couple of episodes of BBC one's new drama Merlin and has also been
commissioned to score a series of 4 documentaries for BBC two.

20th June - SOLSTICE art installation opens in London -  Classic FM interview

June 08 - Miguel is scoring a BBC documentary about the hair trade and has been commissioned to write the
score for another Ch4 doc (First Cut strand)

May 08 - Miguel has just scored The Victorian Sex Explorer, a documentary for Channel 4
presented by Rupert Everett, about British Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton

February 08 - Miguel is presently score producing and orchestrating the soundtrack for Michael Winterbottom's
latest feature film, Genova.


d o w n l o a d s

Our Queen Promo Album

Our Queen promo album

Homefront Promo Album

Homefront promo album

93 Mb

disclamer: This album is property of ITV and EMI
and is available for promotional purposes only

album cover  

The Battle of Britain promo score


Please find the link to the score by clicking on the text or album cover above


The Air Hospital score

9 tracks plus album cover (2nd July 2010)
As promised, please find the page with the score for The Air Hospital on the link above

Merlin - series one - promo cues from episode 8

p r e s s

Homefront ★★★

"Another emotionally engaging drama from the U.K. that is yet to appear in the U.S.,Homefront follows six army wives over the course of its six-episode Season 1 run. The ITV program features music by Miguel d’Oliveira, who crafts some wonderful orchestral music with thematic connections that make for an enjoyable if brief listening experience.
“A Good Soldier” opens the playlist with a beautiful orchestral setting featuring a wonderful clarinet idea as a recurring color. The tracks that follow move through a series of moody, atmospheric adagios in which motives move in and out of the textures. Occasionally, there are electronic ideas melded into the orchestral fabric, but acoustics rule the day.
The music really blossoms (“Some Kind of Homecoming”) when close harmonic intervals create wonderful releases along with hints of thematic ideas. The “End Credits” music is reminiscent of the kind of warm, orchestral writing found in many other contemporary dramas from the U.K.
Homefront may not have a memorable main theme, but it is well crafted orchestral music that focuses on delving into emotional depths. Overall, it’s much finer dramatic scoring than most U.S. shows see these days".        

Steven A. Kennedy, Film Score Monthly 2013


Miguel is forging an enviable composing career, through no less than very hard work and a lot of skill. A ‘Jerry Goldsmith Award’ for Battle of Britain, a fantastic orchestral score for BBC One’s documentary about the legendary air battle and presented by Ewan McGregor (the doc, not the award) was a pinnacle for the Portuguese composer who now calls London home. Crafting score after score for Channel Four’s Cutting Edge and a host of factual features and series for the BBC – including Great Ormond Street Hospital, Shakespeare and Us and the recent The American Road Trip: Obama’s Story – have given Miguel the basis for a fine career and the projects only seem to get bigger and better. This summer he turned in his first TV drama score, for ITV1’s Homefront, and with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at his disposal the composer impressed the producers, and this lowly writer. I just know that this will be first of many dramatic scores from Miguel d’Oliveira.

Michael Beek, BeekBlog, 2013

Shakespeare & Us  ★★★★

The composer is far from the normal conventions in the music for documentaries and applies a diverse and deliberately scattered, unstructured score, which globally is unpredictable and chaotic, at times exquisitely refined and in others simple and superficial. He references circumstantially Renaissance music but also he is experimental; he is in some themes melodic and atonal in others, but he achieves that most of his themes have its own entity and, altogether, stand and show the complexity and heterogeneity of what is narrated in the documentary.

Conrado Xalabarder, Mundo BSO

Young Portuguese composer Miguel d’Oliveira impressed greatly in the documentary category with his score for BATTLE OF BRITAIN, a BBC documentary which looked at the famous World Ward II air conflict with new perspective; d’Oliveira’s music channelled the best of Ron Goodwin-style British heroism and pomp-and-circumstance, but distilled it through modern techniques to great effect"       

Jon Broxton, Movie Music UK 2011

"one of the most inventive and creative horror scores I have heard in a long while"
"this is a real winner and
the boundless creativity exhibited by Miguel d’Oliveira never fails to impress me each time I listen"

Michael Beek in Music From The Movies

"It is the use of the human voice that, as well as the innovative and the interesting use of a plethora of instruments, that lingers in the memory once the album has ended"
"A horror score definitely worth hunting down down"

Alan Rogers in ReelMusic