Recent Works

Here’s a list of things I’ve been working on recently…

Jul 2016

Recorded with an 35 piece orchestra last week for my new trailer music album for EMI SONY – 2 very full on days.

Starting work on First Dates Hotel for channel 4.

Really excited to go back to the National Film + TV School  as visiting tutor.

Apr 2016

Writing new music for the next series of First Dates, an album of film trailer music, scoring a 3 part series for ITV about Japan and a 2 part documentary for BBC one.

Nov 2014

writing 5 tracks for 2 production music albums for Universal and the music for a Ch4 documentary about narcolepsy

Apr 2015

Series I have recently scored (or about to finish) coming soon to BBC one, BBC two, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5: The Met, Great Ormond Street series 3, Joanna Lumley Trans-Siberian Adventure, The Ice Rink, Junk Food Kids, The Prosecutors, First Dates series 3 and Britain Biggest Primary School.

Aug 2013

About to start scoring a 4 part series for Channel 4 about West End musicals plus a 1 hour documentary for ITV.

Jun 2013

Starting work on 14 hours of TV – 2 BBC two series, a 1 hour BBC one documentary plus a 7 part for Ch4.
Sleep postponed until Winter.

May 2013

  • My soundtrack for ‘Shakespeare & Us’ got nominated for Best Documentary Score at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards.
  • ‘The Murder Workers’ has been selected for the Sheffield Doc Fest
  • The TV series ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital’, for which I wrote the music last year, got nominated for a BAFTA.

Apr 2013

Scoring a series of TV commercials for the ‘Iglo’ advertising campaign in Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium.

Mar 2013

Rape: The Unspeakable Crime. A 1 hour documentary which I wrote the music for, has been nominated for 2 BAFTAs and an RTS award.

Feb 2013

My score for ‘Shakespeare & Us’ got nominated for Best Original Score for a Feature Documentary by the IFMCA and by Movie Music UK.